20 May 2022
Good Doctor Technology Indonesia receives PSEF Certificate and marks their commitment to delivering superior standards of telepharmacy services
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Jakarta, 18 May 2022- As a digital health platform provider which includes telepharmacy services, Good Doctor Technology Indonesia, (Good Doctor) announced their Electronic Pharmacy System Operator (PSEF) certification, which marks their commitment to abide by local regulatory standards set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in delivering prescription grade drugs and other health and wellness products at the highest service quality standards.  


PSEF is a legal entity that provides, manages, and/or operates an electronic pharmacy system for the purposes of pharmaceutical service facilities. With their PSEF certification in place, Good Doctor will be legally registered with the MOH and recognised as a certified platform to provide pharmaceutical services on the Good Doctor Platform through authorized and licensed pharmacy partners. Good Doctor will also carry out these pharmaceutical services on their telemedicine platforms such as the standalone Good Doctor app and GrabHealth powered by Good Doctor, with the principles of Good Corporate Governance and the new laws enacted by the Government through the Ministry of Health. 


The use of digital technology in the health sector is critical to realizing a Healthy Indonesia. Expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic, many Indonesians are adopting the use of digital health services including telemedicine and telepharmacy services. In accordance to the recently launched Health Digital Transformation Strategy 2024 by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, one of the outcomes of this strategy is the efficiency of health service deliveries, including medications and health or wellness products dispensed by pharmacies. This signals the recognition by the MOH of how telepharmacy services can provide greater convenience for people wanting to obtain their medication or medical devices through online platforms - which has ultimately led to new governance protocols of online sales of medication in a bid to safeguard consumers while maintaining their online buyer experiences.  


Managing Director Good Doctor Technology Indonesia, Danu Wicaksana, said, “The success of obtaining our timely PSEF certification is another conscious step we’re taking as a business to uphold ourselves to best industry standards. As of now, we are seeing consistent growth in telepharmacy sales, e.g., this year we still see around 60% growth vs. last year; which signals that more digitally savvy Indonesians are becoming more comfortable and reliant on telemedicine platforms to receive their prescription-grade medications from trusted pharmaceutical providers. It is therefore our responsibility to safeguard them at all times while providing them the added benefit of convenience.” 


Prior to obtaining their PSEF certification, Good Doctor has always prioritised consumer protection in delivering quality medicines and medical devices in a safe and convenient manner across all their telemedicine platforms. Every pharmacy that partners with Good Doctor must have an active Pharmacy License (SIA) and Pharmacist Practice License (SIPA). Products sold by partner pharmacies follow the quality control of unit sales prices and are in accordance with the Regulation of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) Number 8 of 2020 concerning Control of Drugs and Food Circulated Online and Regulation of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) Number 32 of 2020 concerning Amendments to Regulation of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency Number 8 of 2020 concerning Control of Drugs and Food Circulated Online, while those who do not meet the conditions will be deactivated. Good Doctor is also authorized to record prescriptions from both Good Doctor doctors and external prescriptions and conduct periodic performance reviews for partner pharmacies/merchants. Danu added, “With this PSEF certification, we not only maintain the confidence of our users, but also have the opportunity to increase our partnership plans with more merchants within the pharmaceutical sector. The more pharmacies we partner with, the easier and faster it will be for consumers to get access to quality medicines and medical devices, thereby supporting the sales growth of health products by our pharmaceutical partners.”   


In response to the trend of growing industry demands for accessible yet affordable long-term health management solutions across Southeast Asia, Good Doctor is committed to strengthening their partnerships across the entire healthcare ecosystem in all countries where their telemedicine services are launched. Till date, Good Doctor is partnering with leading pharmacy chains across Indonesia with almost 3,500 merchants across 160 cities. In Thailand, in just over a year of operations, their fast-ever growing network of pharmacies across the country has already reached more than 460 merchants across 45 provinces, with aims to further expand the network by doubling the number of new merchants.  


Regional CEO of Good Doctor Technology, Melvin Vu, said, “With the issuance of our PSEF certification for our telepharmacy service in Indonesia, we can continue cultivating best industry practices and implement them in all other SEA countries we serve. It is therefore crucial for digital health providers like us to continue collaborating with regulators and local health authorities to support the creation of sustainable outcomes through long-term regulations and systems. This is a critical step in ensuring the viability of these digital solutions and pushing for the adoption of telemedicine beyond the pandemic need.” 

About Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor)

Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) is a technology-based integrated health service provider with the vision of 'One Doctor for Every Family in Indonesia'. Good Doctor collaborates with Grab to provide an integrated telemedicine service, namely GrabHealth powered by Good Doctor, with a mission to provide access to quality health services for users in Indonesia. Supported by more than 6000 registered doctors and 4000 trusted pharmacies, hospitals, and official health laboratories in more than 100 cities in Indonesia, Good Doctor is ready to answer public health needs. Good Doctor is the official partner of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Communication and Information, and the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) to accelerate the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia since March 2020. After successfully partnering with Grab Indonesia in providing healthcare solutions, Good Doctor launched its application in March 2021 as a form of continuous commitment to advancing application-based health services and building a digital ecosystem in the health sector. Good Doctor services provide a complete 24/7 healthcare solution through the Medical Consulting feature, an e-commerce service for Medicines and Health Products for purchasing and delivery partners with more than 4000 pharmacies, hospitals, and official health laboratories, and Health Articles, content about health, tips, and lifestyle curated by a team of doctors. As a leading online healthcare provider platform, Good Doctor has thousands of medical specialists on its platform with more than 26 departments of different clinical specialties and thousands of general practitioners.


Good Doctor has also launched the Good Doctor application which can be downloaded for free on Google PlayStore and iOS App Store. Visit us at www.gooddoctor.co.id.

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