20 Dec 2021
Indonesian Medical Association Research Group Endorses Good Doctor's First Pilot Study on the Impact of Telemedicine Services in Chronic Disease Management
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 The IDI Research Group supports the "Innovative and Integrated Chronic Disease Management Services" pilot study as a new breakthrough in the telemedicine industry


  • Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) is the first telemedicine company to spearhead a pilot study research within the framework of Prolanis services to encourage the use of telemedicine in the management of diabetes.
  • The Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Research Group acknowledges the strategic role of telemedicine and encourages stakeholders to follow up this pilot study on a larger scale to establish evidence-based policies.
  • The pilot study results outline how the use of teleconsultation can improve patient compliance, thereby contributing to a significant reduction in blood glucose levels over time.


Jakarta, 15 December 2021 - Currently, Indonesia faces problems handling the Chronic Disease Service Program, such as type-2 diabetes. Data from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2021 shows that the number of diabetic patients in Indonesia in 2021 has reached 19.47 million people. This figure puts Indonesia in the fifth position in the world for the number of people with diabetes. This means that sufficient health capacity is needed for the community. Meanwhile, based on the 2020 Ministry of Health Research data, Indonesia currently only has around 321.544 hospital beds to serve approximately 270 million people. This translates to about 1.2 hospital beds per 1.000 residents. Similarly, the ratio of doctors to population is only 0.38 doctors per 1.000 population.

Under these conditions, there is an excellent opportunity for health application providers to expand services for chronic disease patients by not only focusing on treatment but also on prevention aspects. As a technology-based integrated health service provider, in close collaboration with IDI Research Group, Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) took the initiative to pioneer a pilot study within the framework of the Prolanis sketch. This pilot study is expected to encourage telemedicine in the treatment of chronic diseases with comprehensive regulatory support.

Head of Medical PT Good Doctor Technology Indonesia, dr. Adhiatma Gunawan, stated, "This pilot study which focuses on chronic disease management demonstrates Good Doctor's commitment to continuously encourage sustainable synergies between telemedicine services and healthcare policy decision makers. By highlighting the role telemedicine and digital health services can play in managing chronic diseases continuously, we hope to support the reduction of BPJS chronic care costs in the long term, when people with chronic diseases are properly cared for. Through this initiative, we hope to continue working with stakeholders to expand this pilot study on a larger scale."

The pilot study has two phases, the first begins with a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in December 2020, and then the second phase continues with grouping in January to June 2021. It is carried out in several clinics in the Bekasi and Depok areas with participants ranging from 24 years to 79 years. In this pilot study, Good Doctor collaborated with BPJS offline clinics to measure the effectiveness of teleconsultation in monitoring the blood glucose of diabetic patients at BPJS clinics. The support includes regular automatic reminders/notifications, regular contact/follow-up, online consultations, and curated educational information. Within the three month duration of the pilot study, patients received reminders from Good Doctor’s telehealth platform to check and measure their blood glucose. The results of this study indicate differences between patients who use telemedicine and those who do not, in which patient compliance with telemedicine services contributed significantly to a decrease in blood glucose levels. Through this study, it suggests that the use of teleconsultation is considered to increase patient compliance which suggests that there are opportunities for digital health services to be leveraged to support long-term management of chronic diseases effectively.

Chairman of the Executive Board of Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), dr. Daeng M. Faqih, SH, MH, said, “IDI through its research group always encourages collaboration from all parties to provide better services to patients. For this reason, we appreciate the initiative of Good Doctor Technology Indonesia for the pilot study “Integrated and Innovative Chronic Disease Management Services”. Through the results of this pilot study, we can see the strategic importance of telemedicine's role in long term health management, especially for those living with chronic diseases such as diabetes. Given the promising results shown in this research we encourage telemedicine to receive support in the form of comprehensive regulation, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases.”

Furthermore, the collaboration with the IDI Research Group in the "Integrated and Innovative Chronic Disease Management Services" program is part of Good Doctor's commitment to providing quality and affordable health services. Good Doctors always strive to meet the health needs of the Indonesian people. The active role of Good Doctor is increasingly in demand by users, especially amid the pandemic where there is an increase in the number of medical consultations by up to 700% and a growing number of active users up to six times.

Departing from the ambition to realize 'one Doctor for every family in Indonesia', Good Doctor application users in Indonesia have reached more than 13 million users, with services covering more than 100 cities throughout Indonesia. This broad coverage was built in less than two years since the Good Doctor application was first launched in Indonesia and now has partnered with more than 4.000 hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and health laboratories throughout Indonesia. Good Doctor believes that health services supported by technology will create broader and easier access for the community.


 About Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor)

Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) is a technology-based integrated health service provider with the vision of 'One Doctor for Every Family in Indonesia'. Good Doctor collaborates with Grab to provide an integrated telemedicine service, namely GrabHealth powered by Good Doctor, with a mission to provide access to quality health services for users in Indonesia. Supported by more than 6.000 registered doctors and 4.000 trusted pharmacies, hospitals, and official health laboratories in more than 100 cities in Indonesia, Good Doctor is ready to answer public health needs. Good Doctor is the official partner of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Communication and Information, and the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) to accelerate the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia since March 2020. After successfully partnering with Grab Indonesia in providing healthcare solutions, Good Doctor launched its application in March 2021 as a form of continuous commitment to advancing application-based health services and building a digital ecosystem in the health sector. Good Doctor services provide a complete 24/7 healthcare solution through the Medical Consulting feature, an e-commerce service for Medicines and Health Products for purchasing and delivery partners with more than 4.000 pharmacies, hospitals, and official health laboratories, and Health Articles, content about health, tips, and lifestyle curated by a team of doctors. As a leading online healthcare provider platform, Good Doctor has thousands of medical specialists on its platform with more than 26 departments of different clinical specialties and thousands of general practitioners.


Good Doctor has also launched the Good Doctor application which can be downloaded for free on Google PlayStore and iOS App Store. Visit us at www.gooddoctor.co.id.



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